About Prophecy

Bible prophecy is fascinating. It is rich with symbolism and powerful with historical fulfillment. In the next few pages we will look at some Bible prophecies about world powers and the coming Kingdom of God. But before we begin, with a prophecy recorded by the Old Testament prophet Daniel, some perspective and a few words of caution are in order:

Different people often interpret the same Bible scriptures in different ways and draw different meanings and conclusions from them. Many interpret scriptures in a way that supports what they already believe, or would like to believe: not with an honest and open mind. But to reach a correct understanding of scripture we must maintain an open mind. And we must compare different scriptures on a given topic, looking - with God's help: "ask and you shall receive" - for reinforcements, qualifications and corrections of our interpretations. Otherwise we can neither unlearn error nor construct a reasonable understanding of what the scriptures mean. In this website many reinforcing scriptures are quoted so as to support the soundness of the interpretations presented. 

In this website there is also occasional speculation about how some prophecies might be fulfilled. Where speculation is presented, it will be clearly labeled as such. 

No one knows when - on what date - the "time of the end" and the establishment of the Kingdom of God will be. Jesus said: "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only" (Matthew 24:36). Therefore you will not find any dates predicted in this website.

We will look at prophecies of Daniel, John and Jesus in order to establish a sequence of prophesied "end time" events. Then we will be able to determine where we are in the course of events and see what events to watch for next. We will also gain an understanding of what the Kingdom of God is and an appreciation for its importance in Bible prophecy.

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